Wednesday, October 06

Last night we walked to the harbour, which is very cute, and found an interesting, picturesque restaurant, where we had an excellent meal and a bit of conversation with our server. This part of Lindau is an island, attached by a couple of causeways to the mainland. It's on the north-east edge of the Bodensee (which we know as Lake Constance). We had a nice walk last night and again this morning, around the area.
After breakfast, we told Helen (ok, yes we have named the GPS - she sounds like Helen Miron) to navigate us toward Basel, Switzerland. Our maps had very unclear border markings and it turned out we had to cross a bit of Austria, so had to buy a permit.
We stopped only once in Switzerland, to look back across Lake Constance, then followed Helen's directions back into Germany and to Freiburg. We found parking & walked around the old city centre. We admired the mosaic sidewalks, people-watched from a café, wandered around the impressive and very old Munster Cathedral, then hit the road for Lahr, Germany.
It wasn't easy finding a place to stay, but we've ended up at a nice small hotel. Luckily, yesterday's rain has moved on and we had clear weather today. It was warm and bright. The autumn colours are really starting to show, but everywhere the farm fields are bright green & prosperous-looking. We think Swiss Air films its ads in Bavaria, because Switzerland looks more like Ontario.

Photos. click for larger.

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